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Links about the 284th

  1. 284th Plaque at Roer River Bridge Site
  2. The Marine Raven (trip to Europe)
  3. V-1 Attack on Christmas Eve
  4. 9th Tank Destroyer Group (Infantry Training in Luxembourg)
  5. 2nd Cavalry - Remich (infantry work)
  6. 6th Armored Division - Our River (infantry work)
  7. 7th Armored Division - The Battle of the Bulge
  8. 9th Armored Division - Roer to Remagen
  9. Wikipedia - The Battle of Remagen
  10. 14th Armored Division
  11. 761st Tank Battalion
  12. 14th Cavalry Division (A Company, April / May 1945)
  13. 299th Combat Engineer Battalion (Roer Assault)
  14. History of the 1253rd (100,000 PW cage at Wickrathburg)
  15. Colonel O'Neil's West Point Biography
  16. John S, (Rip) Ripandelli (1st Lt, Recon Officer, 284th Engr (C) Bn) recieves the French Legion of Honor medal
  17. James B. Smith of B Company - Morris County Distinguished Military Service
  18. Article about the new Veterans cemetery on Jack R. Harris' former land
  19. William T. Carpenter, Battle of the Bulge book (pg. 263)
  20. Corps of Engineers: The War Against Germany (talking about the V2 hitting the B Company CP in Remagen PDF)
  21. Valentines for Veterans, George Kingston Article (original article has been paywalled, here is the PDF)
  22. A Company: Leo Ryan and Hildegarde
  23. A Company: Leo Ryan Interview about Hildegarde
  24. Message board discussion over at VI Corps message boards
  25. Battalion HQ - March '45
  26. S/SGT William Kaehn - Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame
  27. Medic Corporal Donald J. Maus lost during Korean War

Links to other Engineer sites

  1. VI Corps Combat Engineers
  2. 17th Armored Engineer Battalion
  3. 51st Engineer Combat Battalion
  4. 285th Engineer Combat Battalion
  5. 300th Engineer Combat Battalion
  6. 1253rd Engineer Combat Battalion

Other links

  1. Request Military Service Records Online, by Mail, or by Fax
  2. WWII Writing and Research Center
  3. WWII Veteran's Memories
  4. Peace Museum - Bridge at Remagen
  5. U.S. Veterans Friends of Luxembourg (USVFL)
  6. Circle of Studies on the Battle of the Bulge (CEBA)
  7. V2 Rocket information
  8. Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge
  9. Southbridge Veterans Honor Roll List Project
  10. Breckinridge History (Facebook)
  11. Nico's Space, a dedicated Luxembourger who documented all the ceremonies at the American Cemetery and etc in Hamm.
  12. Guided tours of Battlefields in the Huertgen Forest and Roer River area
  13. Ponton Bridge Information
  14. WWII MOS Codes

Lodging along their path

  1. Remagen: Hotel Anker

Web-design overseas

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    • Works in partnership with WWII Footsteps Researchers
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